KWG makes power for the energy turnaround

The topic of energy is as topical as never before, every reduction of CO2 makes the future of our planet better. Diesel will soon be history, and the end of conventional combustion engines is within reach, electric energy is in demand and attractive as never before. KWG gives "gas" for CO2 neutral or CO2 reduced mobility, so also for bus passenger transport. KWG is involved in numerous projects with permanent magnet excited generators "PMG" in the power range from 10 to 60 KW in hybrid technology for electromobility. The special type of KWG housing technology combined with the very high efficiency of the air-cooled KWG PMGs allow the "Powerpack" to be easily integrated into vehicles. "Always having your finger on the pulse of the times and being able to set the standard with your innovations makes you proud and it's really fun to be able to work on the future," says Matthias Werner (Advanced Systems Design).

Hybrid bus with Gas-PMG Powerpack


Welcome to the new logistics center!

After a record-breaking construction period of just six months, our new logistics center was successfully completed in February 2022. After successful construction acceptance and interior fitting, the logistics center went into operation in mid-2022. This high-tech building impresses with its high KFW40 energy standard, a 75 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof for energy generation and to supply power to the charging columns, and three demand-based heating segments that only use as much energy as is absolutely necessary. Rainwater is also collected in natural infiltration trenches in a resource-conserving manner and fed into the public grid at a reduced rate. "We are setting a good example here in terms of the energy transition and the environment," said Julian Kurz (Systems Engineering).

Since August " the wheel has been turning " and the 800 new pallet storage spaces are perfectly integrated into the structure of our KWG product and manufacturing guidelines. The logistics center is crowned by the magnificent Lindach monument, a stately oak tree at the entrance to the town. The shady resting benches under the oak are gladly used by our employees. Let's look to the future together and take advantage of our new logistics center.

logistics center


KWG saves the oak

Everyone from Lindach knows the 21m tall giant - the oak at the entrance to the village from the direction of Leinzell. This tree is over 100 years old and has seen more than most living people. But a dreaded pest has been trying to bring the mighty tree down for some time: the oak processionary moth. These little insects suck the sap of life out of the tree and over time make it sick and rotten. In addition, their hairs are harmful to humans. Even the smallest touch can cause tremendous pain.

So far, nobody has felt responsible for the tree. If it stays that way, the tree will not reproduce any new foliage in 5-10 years and will eventually turn to deadwood. It is high time to step in. Fortunately for the tree, KW-Generator has taken responsibility for the tree and takes care of its well-being.

First aid has already been given to the tree: the oak processionary moths have already been sprayed with a biological enzyme by an expert company, which is toxic to the pests but is harmless to humans and nature. As a next step, the nests of the pests were vacuumed with large suckers. In addition, the branches that had already suffered too much damage were sawed off. From now on you have to spray against the pests once a year, the tree does the rest itself.

"In an estimated five years, the tree will find its way back to its original health and beauty and will continue to be a living landmark for the Lindach district," says Michael Kurz (Technical Management).

The oak receives first aid


Groundbreaking ceremony for the logistics center

On August 1st, 2021, the spades were set for the first time and the construction of the new hall began. With an area of ​​1000m² and up to 650 additional pallet spaces, the hall is to be used as the future logistics center of the KW-Generator company.

The hall will be built according to current environmental and energy requirements, the KFW40 energy standard will be complied with and a photovoltaic system will be installed. In this way, the energy generated can be used in the best possible way for our own machine park. The planning, construction and installation of the hall will be carried out entirely by local companies. Completion should be in December 2021.

“Despite the corona pandemic, we have a high level of incoming orders. With several innovative new developments starting now, it is urgently time that we expand our capacity. In addition, the workforce can be increased further. When we built a new hall for production and administration three years ago, nobody would have thought that the next building was imminent ”, says Marcel Werner (Strategic Purchasing).

Adjacent to the newly acquired property is a historic, large oak that is infested by oak processionary moths. As part of this construction project, we will professionally fight the pests and have the tree cared for so that the oak becomes healthy again and continues to be a landmark for the Lindach district.

f.l.t.r.: Michael Werner, Marcel Werner, Julian Kurz, Tim Kurz, Michael Kurz


EFU 5000

5 kW variable speed synchronous generator with inverter

We offer complete systems consisting of generator and inverter: 

  • Constant power: 5 kW
  • Constant voltage: 230 V AC
  • Constant frequency: 50 Hz
  • Variable speed: 1300 - 4500 rpm
  • 6 kW Starting power
  • flexible drive options
  • optional with ISO guard
  • optional with display 
  • compact construction


GEMA Industrial

Magnet plate control for steel mills and mobile excavators

  • compact complete control 
  • battery backup with integrated management 
  • relieable due to intelligent monitoring of the system
  • control of several magnet plates in groups 


GEMA Industrial Flyer


bauma 2019

KW-Generator successfully at the bauma 2019 in Munich

KW generators from Schwäbisch Gmünd rely on mobile power generation with an output of up to 550 kVA as an OEM. The brushless and variable-speed generators are used, for example, in mobile crushers.

On the picture (from left to right): Michael Werner (Sales Director), Marcel Werner (Strategic Purchasing), Tim Kurz (Systems Engineering) and Michael Kurz (Technical Director).

Published by SBM Verlag GmbH, bauMAGAZIN issue 05/2019

f.l.t.r.: Michael Werner, Marcel Werner, Tim Kurz, Michael Kurz


KW-Generator New development BG 355

A new generator system is currently in development as the BG 355. The design will be similar to the familiar styling of all KW generators with an aluminium housing and bearing cover. Likewise with a protection class of IP 54 and higher.
Performance range 225 to 550 KVA.

Further information: Michael Kurz, Technology Director
Tel. +49 7171 10417-13


Frame Size 355


KW-Generator New development Service tool HMI

Development of the new HMI building block is now complete. The centrepiece is a powerful processor with universal interfaces such as USB, Profibus, CAN bus, network interface and universal I/O ports. The new HMI stands out on account of its simple, self-explanatory user interface with touch display, and it is ideal for a wide variety of applications: generator diagnosis, controller diagnosis, controlling inverters and the GEMA systems, long-term data capture via the optional SD card.

Further information: Michael Kurz, Technology Director
Tel. +49 7171 10417-13

HMI (Human Machine Interface)