KW-Generator – top performance for any application

7 – 550 KVA

Your partner for high-performance generators in industry, construction, transportation and the military
We produce brushless synchronous generators up to 550 kVA with an enhanced protection class.
The electronic generator controllers can be integrated with existing motor management systems through a CAN interface.
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KWG makes power for the energy turnaround

The topic of energy is as topical as never before, every reduction of CO2 makes the future of our planet better. Diesel will soon be history, and the end of conventional combustion engines is within reach, electric energy is in demand and attractive as never before. KWG gives "gas" for CO2 neutral or CO2 reduced mobility, so also for bus passenger transport. KWG is involved in numerous projects with permanent magnet excited generators "PMG" in the power range from 10 to 60 KW in hybrid technology for electromobility. The special type of KWG housing technology combined with the very high efficiency of the air-cooled KWG PMGs allow the "Powerpack" to be easily integrated into vehicles. "Always having your finger on the pulse of the times and being able to set the standard with your innovations makes you proud and it's really fun to be able to work on the future," says Matthias Werner (Advanced Systems Design).

Hybrid bus with Gas-PMG Powerpack


We produce “Made in Germany” quality

From development to series production, we develop your generator specially to your requirements. Our high-precision production uses the latest technology at the Schwäbish Gmünd facility in South Germany
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